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Organic Marketing:
Be THE answer to your ideal clients' search!

An SEO Tale

Once upon a time, there was an organization that had just what their ideal client needed.

The problem was that they were both lost in the Google Forest.  In this forest, there were many other clients and organizations. In fact, there were so many others that it seemed impossible that they would find each other

Then one day a clever girl gave the organization the gift of keywords. These keywords described the organization and the transformation it would bring to the ideal client

The organization used the keywords to create helpful content on its website.

Content that showed they were an authority in what they did and could be trusted to provide just the transformation that the ideal client needed. 

Now there was a path in the Google Forest so that when the ideal client searched it found the organization, got the transformation and they lived happily ever after.

Maximize your organic Content Marketing efforts

The customer journey and content you create is more important than ever. Buyers are spending more time researching before they decide to buy. They want to know, like and trust who they spend their money with. Increase your organic reach by using keyword research to find out what buyers are looking for and create content that speaks to them directly and builds the relationship with you

How I Can Help
SEO Strategist Sophia Vega
SEO & Keyword Research

Get an SEO audit and keyword research. Optimize SEO on front and back end of your website. Have a clear content marketing plan to establish your authority, expertise, and trustworthiness to Google, so your website is the answer to your ideal clients search.

Sophia Vega Digital Marketing

Marketing Management Support

Get strategic support for your digital marketing. Develop a goal based data-driven digital marketing plan. Implement proven strategies with tactics to reach your goals. Understand data analytics to know what is working.

A Clever Girl

A desire to help others and be an entrepreneur led me to start Sophia Vega Digital Marketing.  

The Digital Marketing landscape has so many opportunities for business owners but it can be overwhelming. 

My focus in on helping small business owners make strategic decisions with their digital marketing so that they can reach their business goals in a clear and simple way. 

When I am not working you can find me hanging out with my family, playing with our dogs, flower gardening, reading, and occasionally walking through the forest. 

Digital marketing assistants Chewy and Stella

Working with Sophia has been a great and enlightening experience!

It was a pleasure working with Sophia! She was thorough in her review and the explanation of the digital marketing strategy she presented to me. I appreciated all of the feedback, suggestions and strategies she showed me.

Lenica Stephen, IBOSS

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