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I work with small businesses who want more data and strategy behind their digital marketing efforts.

My goal is that your digital marketing is simple and strategic. I have been a strategic planner in every stage of my adult life: 

I affectionately call myself

A Creative Data-Loving Helper

It combines my helping nature, creative energy, and love of research and data.

My experience in content creation, specifically copywriting and graphics for marketing, led me to learn about the science of digital marketing.

The key is starting with SMART goals.  Then having a clear plan to reach those goals, and finally using data to track the effectiveness of tactics so adjustments can be made in real-time. 

Who I Am

A clever girl who loves her family, is highly motivated and loves to help others.

I have two teenagers, two fur babies, and an amazingly supportive husband.  I was born in the Bahamas and lived there until I was 16 when we moved to Texas. My mom is from Texas and my dad is from Spain. I grew up speaking Spanish and English. 

Being a military spouse gave us the opportunity to live on every coast of the United States and in Japan. Now my husband is retired from the AirForce and we have settled in New Braunfels, Texas.   

My own experience with anxiety and depression has made me a mental health advocate who wants to help eliminate the stigma around talking about mental health, provide support and encouragement, and be a resource for those struggling with anxiety and depression.  

I can always find joy in the sunshine, at the beach, and laughing with my family.  I like working outside on our plants and flowers (not sure if you can call it gardening if you don’t grow anything edible). And I love to read – book recommendations are welcome!


My mission is to provide small business owners SEO expertise and Content Strategy as part of a data-driven organic marketing plan.


Integrity, Confidence, Clarity, Simplicity, and Enthusiasm

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